Public charter schools are open-enrollment, public schools of choice. Students may attend any charter school in the state and are not limited by zip code. Charter schools are independent, tuition free and open to ALL students. Charter schools are held accountable for both academic results and fiscal practices by the state. They cannot charge tuition nor select students. They do not have special entrance requirements, are not religious and cannot discriminate against students on any basis. Charter schools allow all families increased options in public education. To learn more, visit the NH Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Classical education is a sound and time-tested means of leading students towards

intellectual, moral, and civic virtue. A classical education takes a content-rich approach to the study of important subjects. As students mature in the curriculum, classical education teaches them to ask and venture answers to the big questions, then goes further to consider how those questions might be answered persuasively and beautifully. Classical education regards both the humanities and the sciences as equally important, because wonder about human nature and the natural world is essential to the human condition, and that knowledge of both leads us towards wisdom and happiness. Classical education begins by instilling good habits, proceeds by offering examples worthy of emulation, and continues with robust examination of moral philosophy. To learn more, visit Barney Charter School Initiative.

Lionheart Classical Academy is a licensee of the Hillsdale College’s K-12 Program Guide. The classical curriculum is content-rich, balanced, and strong, with emphasis upon the four core disciplines of math, science, literature, and history and with attention to music, art, physical education, and foreign languages.

Lionheart Classical Academy is committed to building a strong and diverse community of learners. Admission to LCA shall be open to any student who resides in the State of New Hampshire. Methods of admission shall not be designed, intended or used to discriminate or violate individual rights in any manner prohibited by law.

For the success of the school and its students, we will help educate prospective families on the benefits and challenges of attending a classical public charter school. We also will hold multiple, pre-enrollment information sessions, in an effort to allow prospective families to learn more about Lionheart Classical Academy and the public charter school experience.

We will follow the basic method of admissions that defines charter schools nationwide: admission shall be blind, and should the number of applicants exceed capacity, students will be chosen by a lottery system with a waitlist developed from the lottery overflow. 

Registration is now open via our homepage. As of March 2, 2022, registrations are admitted or added to the waitlist by grade on a first come first serve basis for the 2022-2023 academic year. Registration for future years is not open yet. To learn more and to receive email updates, please contact us!

Lionheart Classical Academy empty classroom

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